Thursday, October 22, 2009

35 weeks... 35 more days!

The countdown has officially begun
Im 35 weeks and am getting so ready for this little guy to come! Mainly so I can lay on my back comfortably again :) But we are SO excited that its so close!

Heres the 35 week tummy shot... I hate taking a bare belly picture, but my doctor told us to start doing it every week so we can see how big I get each week. He said we'll thank him later for the suggestion, but for now I don't like that I'll be getting bigger each week, and I dont care to document it :) But I know hes right. So you all get the pleasure of seeing my glorious tummy get bigger and bigger the next few weeks.

The nursery is coming along. I have all the clothes washed and hung up (and he has a lot of clothes), the crib is all put together, today I am repainting a changing table.. well im making chase do it :), and all thats left to do is to get the old crib we were going to use out of there and throw it away! The blanket that is on the crib is one that I made and its basically finished! I just have the tedious work of cutting the fabric and then washing it.