Monday, October 11, 2010

10 months
I feel like it was yesterday that I wrote about liam at 9 months. I dont like how fast this is going by! With my nieces and nephews, it never seemed to go by this fast. Sure, they looked bigger each time I saw them, but it never seemed to fly by.

I'm very tired so im going to try and remember things!

Liam has now started walking, well kinda. His record is 9 steps so far, which means my work outs have only begun. (i have a video but need chase to download it, sorry i dont know computers, crystal)
He says "ohhh" and makes the cutest face when saying it. I haven't been able to catch it on camera yet.
Kali and him love to chase each other.
He gets so excited when he sees his cousins.

I was in our front yard tonight and found this creepy thing. Chase was taking pictures and wanted to keep it in a jar so he can see what it is. I quickly declined having this thing inside my house. So chase posted a picture on facebook and found out its a jerusalem cricket. Seriously the creepiest cricket i've ever seen!