Friday, May 28, 2010

Little drummer boy

First drum lesson!
Liam had his six month check up and here are his stats:

Height 26 1/2 (50%)
Weight 17lbs 7oz (50%)

I have more to update on, but will have to do that later!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is mainly for my sisters....

Cecily's new look :)


I love her huge smile in this picture..

I love the way she is composed in this one, she was very proper :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 years and many more to go..

It always seems like Im so busy, but when I sit down to write about what we've been up to, I cant think of anything. Or at least anything that others would want to read about.

Chase and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary April 25th, so we went out to lunch on saturday to Olive Garden, love that place, and then came home and hung out. One of Chase's good family friend was working there and got us to only wait for about 5 mins instead of 45! It was great! It was the best way to celebrate! I love being able to just relax with my two men.

Happy 2 years babe!

Liam is now 5 months old... where, oh where has my time gone? I seriously can not believe we've had this sweet boy that long. He is truly an amazing blessing to have in our home.

(hes very convenient to use as a test model)

here's some highlights of our little guy:

-hes excellent at rolling over, he doesnt like to roll from his stomach to back yet... we're still working on that!
-we started feeding him cereal and he LOVES it!

-when I feed him a bottle, he lays there reaching for my face and hand and I love it, its so cute!
-he has found his feet and will grab them and roll on his back, back and forth
-still loves his bath and car rides
- when he laughs or smiles, he shacks his whole body.
-he likes to squeal really loud just because he can. I get to listen to it every morning!
-hes really happy when he wakes up!
-he now will try to grab food or my water off of the table. He got a hold of chases water at olive garden, luckily it didnt tip over.
-hes starting to play with kali. The other day I was sitting on the floor next to the couch and kali was laying on it next to me. He was trying to grab kali and the look on his face was pure determination. It was the cutest thing. Kali then got all excited that he wanted to play with her! I have a feeling they're going to be best friends!

Today I purchased this gem...

I am so excited to get it! I've been looking for a desk for several weeks and haven't found anything that I like until I came across this! Its down in Utah, so I have to wait for my parents to take their trip down there so they can bring it back for me!