Monday, November 28, 2011

"On" switch

Liam turned 2 on the 26th and it was a big day for him. Climbing out of his crib, getting staples in his head, getting a big boy bed.... Geez, I should have just potty trained as well? :)

Where to begin?
The morning of his birthday I woke up to my bedroom door swinging open and liam running in saying "mommy, mommy!"  I glanced over and saw Chase still asleep and looked at liam and asked if he climbed out of his crib. He sweetly replied "yes", and I was secretly hoping that it was an accident that he wouldnt repeat for at least another 6 months... boy was I wrong. The rest of the morning was great... and then it was nap time.

I put Liam in his crib for his nap around 1 and before I could reach the door he was trying to climb out. I didnt want to risk him getting hurt, since he is prone to falling while standing still :),  so I pulled his mattress off his bed and onto his floor thinking that he would sleep there, no problem. Liam has always been such a great sleeper so I was really wishing this would be no big deal to him.  ha... he was jumping on his bed, getting up playing with toys and anything else you can image- he did it. I was getting so frustrated with him because I was exhausted and we had a party to go to at 3 and I really wanted him to have at least a cat nap.

3 came around and Liam had still not settled down enough to even blink. We went to Chase's families for the party and then headed over to my parents house for another birthday party. After ice cream Liam was playing and came running into the kitchen and collided with my nephew causing liam to fall and crack his head open on a bookcase. He was bleeding like crazy so we rushed to the ER.  I was wishing that the cut wasnt that bad and that they could glue it back together. The nurse came and looked at it and said "looks like someone is going to be getting staples." STAPLES!... seriously, ouch. I was not excited about that in the least. But then again, who is? Anyways, Liam did great with the shot to numb the area but started screaming while we were pinning him down. Chase pinned his legs down while I rubbed his cheek to try and be a good mom and console my child while the dr was stapling his poor little head back together. Luckily he only needed 3, so it went fairly quickly.

We finally got home around 9 and I was beat. Chase and I talked about getting a crib tent so we wouldnt have to deal with the whole "big boy" bed situation and still keep our sanity, but I didnt want to spend $50+ on something I would only use for a few months. So I braved the thought of having Liam in a big boy bed... and he is doing AWESOME! yay!! Every night he has only gotten out of bed once. Nap time is a little harder since he's not totally worn out he wont stay in bed. But I couldnt be more proud of my little boy. 

By the time I went to bed I was certain that Liam had turned the "on" switch on for the terrible twos. Chase said that "he could have wanted to get every thing out in one day." Ha! I wish that were the case.

I know that the millions of people that read my blog dont really want to see the picture of the staples, so I'll spare you.... at least for a little while until I get them downloaded to my computer :)

Here's to the Terrible Twos.... any advice?