Friday, April 9, 2010

I am amazed...

Has anyone ordered Dominos pizza over the internet? Seriously A.MAZING! You can "design" your own pizza, and it shows the toppings on a whole pizza or you can decide what half you want it on...
Once you order it, they have a pizza tracker! (this was my favorite part) It tells you when they're prepping it, baking it, doing a quality check and when its out for delivery!
I am tracking my pizza as I write this is pure astonishment/ joy! Oh the simple things in life :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Surprise/ Liam 4 months

Ive been really bad at keeping up with my blog, I guess thats what happens when you work and have a baby!
Liam is already 4 months! Where did the time go? I would like it back please!! I had to work so Chase had to be brave and take Liam to get his shots. Poor little guy does NOT like shots... who does?
He weighs 15 lbs 6 oz (70%) and is 25 1/4 long (75%)

Since I didnt post his 3 month highlights earlier, here they are...
- laughed for the first time! Chase and I were luckily both here for it!
- had his first "sleepover" with chases parents while we went to the Colbert Report.
- sleeps 10 hours at night, and naps through out the day.
- I had to loosen his car seat straps for the first time :( made me a little sad.
- tries to hold his own bottle... still working on that
- can arch his back really good while laying down and is SO close to rolling over
- smiles when he makes bubbles in the bath when he toots, its kind of funny too!
- and he sadly got his first cold, poor guy has been sick for a month... but hes almost better!

Utah here we come...

A few weeks ago my sister, kim, and I went with our kids down
to Utah to surprise Crystal! I talked to Matt (her husband) about coming down and he decided to have us meet them at a restaurant and sit around a corner so that when she came around she would see... US! She had no idea and was so surprised. We were hoping for a few tears, but that didnt happen.

We had a great time with her going shopping to all my favorite craft/ home decor stores! Utah is the best place to go shopping, Id move back just for the shopping. Liam did amazing on the trips back and forth. Down there he slept the WHOLE way! He was only awake when we got out for lunch and to change his diaper! And he also slept that whole night too, what a good baby I have!
We also went to the Dinosaur muesum for Brennen, since we dragged him shopping with us and he was a good boy about it! It was actually really cool. Liam loved looking at the big dinosaurs, but feel asleep towards the end.
Us with a great white and T-Rex!