Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shes done!

I usually don't post so frequently, but these past couple of weeks have been busy! Chases little sister, Alexis, graduated this past weekend! We cant believe that shes done with high school... that flew by! Her sister, Angie, had some leis flown from Hawaii for the special occasion! 

Angie and Alexis
At Alexis's graduation party we had her Tongan siblings cook us an authentic luau with a pig and everything! I love it when they come and cook! Its so good. I had a hard time eating the pig thanks to my husband! He had to go over to his parents the day before to help clean and get ready for the party! He called and told me that he had no desire to ever go hunting. I was thinking that they already killed the pig and was gutting it, but no... He goes on to tell me that the pig is still alive and was freaking out in the back of the truck because it was so scared! Not a good thing to tell me when I feel bad for animals that die for our pleasure! Needless to say I didnt dish up any pig, but my sister in law forced me to take a bit. As much as I like pork and it was very good, I just couldnt stop thinking about poor babe that I was eating :(

Here's a blanket that I made for Alexis... it was from me and her mom and it turned out pretty well I thought! 

Friday, June 5, 2009

15 weeks and 1 day!

Here it is... 15 weeks and 1 day! 

So far everything is going great. I found out that I have RH negative blood, which chase isn't excited about because now he has to go donate blood and have them find out what blood type he has! I told him that since I'm going through all this he can at least get poked once with a needle! Only a few more weeks until we find out what we're having! I'm very excited to start decorating the nursery :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chases Release Party & Birthday!!

This post is a little late!! May was a busy month! Chase had his bands CD release party on the 2nd! It went really well and they've already have had some amazing feedback! We're all so excited... and so ready... to see what happens!

Let me know if you want a CD :) 

The 29th was my birthday, so I got to steal Chase away from his music for most of the day! He gave me some flowers and Sims 3! I used to play sims when it first came out and I loved building and decorating the houses... which is what I've been doing since it arrived. 

We started the festivities with golfing! For Christmas my parents bought me golf clubs... pink ones at that, and Ive been patiently waiting for months to break them in! After, I met up with my good friend, Rochelle, and we went out to red robin so I could get my free birthday lunch! The most exciting part of my birthday though was dinner.... Olive Garden, yum! That is our favorite place to go and it is especially delicious when your pregnant :) We ended the night by doing a puzzle together! It was nice being able to spend the day with Chase and not have music to compete with!

Our exciting puzzle!