Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chases Release Party & Birthday!!

This post is a little late!! May was a busy month! Chase had his bands CD release party on the 2nd! It went really well and they've already have had some amazing feedback! We're all so excited... and so ready... to see what happens!

Let me know if you want a CD :) 

The 29th was my birthday, so I got to steal Chase away from his music for most of the day! He gave me some flowers and Sims 3! I used to play sims when it first came out and I loved building and decorating the houses... which is what I've been doing since it arrived. 

We started the festivities with golfing! For Christmas my parents bought me golf clubs... pink ones at that, and Ive been patiently waiting for months to break them in! After, I met up with my good friend, Rochelle, and we went out to red robin so I could get my free birthday lunch! The most exciting part of my birthday though was dinner.... Olive Garden, yum! That is our favorite place to go and it is especially delicious when your pregnant :) We ended the night by doing a puzzle together! It was nice being able to spend the day with Chase and not have music to compete with!

Our exciting puzzle!


Janna G said...

Happy birthday(a little late) That is great about the CD, I want one!

bowman family said...

Dinner and a puzzle- you are a party animal:)Happy belated b-day! sorry i didn't call, your nephews are demanding!!!

Crystal said...

did you do your puzzel on the floor? :) You're special. Well i know your birthday could have been better with me there, but i was here in utah celebrating my birthday. You did more than me and matt though!! Hes still figuring out this whole marriage thing ;)

Chase and Elise said...

we did the puzzle on our table... im not that special! Kali would have eaten a lot of the pieces if I did that!