Wednesday, May 4, 2011

playing catch up... again!

Im going to bust out my disney world trip into one post... so warning, this could get long :)

Islands of Adventure was so fun! It was pretty warm out that day so we decided to do Pop Eyes water ride, and boy did we get wet. Majority of my family all wanted ponchos but I didn't. I enjoy getting soaked when you're on a WATER ride. whimps :)  Josh had the right idea and just took his shirt off. lol. I guess its easier for guys then girls. moving on... 

Harry Potter land was INSANE! One of my families favorite ride was in there (used to be called dueling dragons) and we thought it would be packed. I was surprised that there was hardly any wait at all. Everyone was waiting in the 2 hour wait for the Harry Potter ride. Which I actually did not enjoy. They had rather large spiders falling and grabbing at you. No, thank you!

That night as we were walking out of the park we decided to eat at Bubba Gumps. Mike is a huge Forrest Gump fan and won the questionnaire that our waitress gave us. Can you tell he likes it? :)

My all time favorite park is Animal Kingdom. I was looking forward to it since we booked our flights! As soon as we parked, Crystal was ready to go and was basically speed walking to the gate. Once we got into the park we ran (while people stared at us) to the safari ride. We were only supposed to get the "fast passes" for our family and meet them somewhere else, but there wasnt a wait so we decided to take a little detour through the safari on our way to meet them :) I could spend all day on that safari ride looking at the animals. They had a baby giraffe and elephant there. Can you see them? They were so cute!  (little side note- when my mom was younger they lived on a farm in California and actually took care of a baby elephant for awhile. So jealous) Speaking of babies, dont you just love the picture of liam passed out on mike? Every morning mike would get him out of the car and as we were walking into the parks he would fall asleep on his shoulder. 

Ok, now for a funny story. See my shirt that Im wearing at Animal Kingdom? Well I got it at Old Navy for like $4 and thought it would be a nice light shirt for Florida. I wasnt sure if I really liked it or not, but I didnt think it looked bad on me so I bought it. Well, my sister and I were resting while our babies slept and we got to talking about how americans are overweight. Not more then a few minutes went by and I saw a very overweight lady with the same shirt that I had on and it was not flattering at all. Now that shirt sits in my goodwill pile. 
Okay, so it wasnt that funny but we had a good laugh. 
(did that just make me sound like a terrible person? I promise Im not)

MGM- I dont know if you could tell, but look at my brother in laws facial expression, (hes in the bright orange shirt) haha. I just had to put that up. You're welcome Mace! I love all of Liams expressions. Hes a stud, no? 

We went to "Honey I shrunk ourselves" play ground and Liam and the kids LOVED it! I didnt take a ton of pictures since they had water squirting everywhere, but I did catch a mean "slide guard" stopping Crystal from taking Liam down a slide. Did I mention that it was a small slide and there were no signs. I love Crystals expression, it's as if she's saying "Your actually being serious? That is the stupidest thing ever." Oh wait, that is what she said :) ha!

(Half way, are you still with me?) 

Love sea world! We got to touch sting rays, watch the dolphin and whale shows and later on we found a dolphin cove that had the sick/ younger dolphins swimming around. That was fun. I was mesmerized. My child has many expressions :) They crack me up! 

The dolphin show was a lot of fun, but I was really disappointed with the whale show. Last time we went the trainers swam a lot with the whales but they didnt this time. Which is understandable since a trainer was killed not to long ago by one of their whales. But they did have a baby whale there (can you see him :)) and he was so cute. 
Im not sure if you can read what I wrote of the picture of the whale, so I'll write it here too. Before the show started they were letting the big whales swim around and there was this whale that was just staring at us through the glass. It was pretty hilarious watching him just look at us. We kept laughing that he was probably looking at the idiots in the "wet zone," and it was us. Luckily we were in the middle and didnt get wet.

As we were walking through the park we saw this hammer game (i cant think of the name of them, but you get what Im talking about) and we wanted josh to play. He claimed he didnt have any cash on him and started to walk away, but my family dug through our wallets for dollar bills so we could force him to play. He won and Brian now has a giant spider man. My nephew Jace screams bloody murder if he even sees the spider man. I think its kind of funny :) 

This is my all time favorite picture. Liam loves his uncle Mikey! He fell asleep on him a lot during that trip!

Guess what?.... Im done with Florida updates! 5 months later and I can check that off my to-do list. Ha!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I have been horrible about updating our blog. I still have not finished posting about our trip to Florida back in, oh just November. Oops! I guess life has just been busy, but really I don't know why it's been 5 months and I'm still thinking about needing to do it. I have pictures that I need to put up, but I have yet to transfer them to my computer. And I like to think there are fellow bloggers that enjoying reading my pathetic little posts if there's atleast pictures of our cute Liam :) so if there is anyone that reads this, I will get better about updating our lives! Pinky promise!!