Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Only one letter left..

I can not believe that my little/bigger then me, brother will be home in less then 2 weeks! I cant explain how extremely excited my whole family is! He is the baby and the only boy, so this was a first for all of us to have someone on a mission for 2 whole years. We've missed him like crazy and cant wait for his plane to land! Sunday, I wrote one of my last letters to him as a full time missionary! We only will have to write one more, and the next time we "communicate" with him will be in person. :)  
One of our family friends is down in Bolivia doing some volunteer work, and ironically, she is in the same town as michael and is actually staying with one of their investigators! She was able to take some pictures of him and send them to us. Im so excited to see him! She said that he looks great and is an amazing missionary! We're so proud of him! Chase bet me that I'll cry at the airport, since my family can cry rather easily, but I am a tough cookie. However, I think I may loose this bet.
11 more days!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Watch out mom and dad, Im about to....


(sorry the picture was taken on my camera phone which sucks)

Tonight Liam has been getting into the crawling position! I have a love/hate relationship to this new "trick" of his. While we were at my friends house today (whose baby started crawling a few weeks ago) liam decided to copy Spencer and look like he was crawling. I was shocked how many times he got into this position. I told them that we cant hang out with them anymore because my sister doesnt want him crawling for at least 3 weeks (she'll be here then!!!) and he picks up things fast from spencer! haha.... I was kidding ofcourse, but Im not sure if mommy is ready for a completely mobile baby. Looks like I'll be baby proofing my house this week. Yikes.....

Friday, June 4, 2010

262,800 minutes old

Thats half a year!
I can not believe my baby is 6 months old, time really does fly by when your having fun! Liam is such an awesome little boy! I love waking up everyday knowing that I get to spend the day with him. If im in a bad mood or had a hard day, hes one of the only people that can make me feel better! He has such a sweet smile, and uses it to his advantage! This little boy is a flirt, im afraid im going to have to put a leash on him at an early age.

Liam loves to grab his feet and he has found the joy of sucking on his toes. If he sees toes, he will suck on them. Last night I was laying down with my feet on Chase while he was holding Liam, and all of the sudden I felt a wet little mouth on my toe. 
When I give him a bottle, he reaches up at my face and strokes my cheek or grabs it. Its not so sweet when I havnt cut his nails in a few days! 
My mom bought him a jumper which he absolutely loves. The down side, whenever im holding him on    my lap, he starts jumping. But its worth it when hes happy and Im able to get things done.
He rolls everywhere now. If he sees something, he is determined to get it. He also has been doing the "stink bug" and is getting good at getting up on his toes! 
A couple of other things that he loves are, remotes (what is it with guys and remotes), and being outside.

memorial day weekend

I love memorial day for a few reasons! First of all, it lands on my birthday "week!" Yes, I started dedicating the whole week to me so that my husband will play with my hair (willingly) while he watches tv :), secondly my family is usually in town and we have a BBQ and then go put flowers on my brother and grandparents graves. This year, we went and saw a week old foal. A family friend of ours has horses and invited us to come see it. She was so cute, I wanted to bring her home with me.

We got to see our own little rodeo as he was trying to catch her. 

Liam loved the horses. Most of the grandkids were able to sit on the mommy horse, but brennen isnt much of a "cowboy" and this is what he did...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sneak peak

Sneak peak of Bowman family! This is my sister and her family. We had a lot of fun shooting together, and my nephews are the cutest things! More photos to come soon...