Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Only one letter left..

I can not believe that my little/bigger then me, brother will be home in less then 2 weeks! I cant explain how extremely excited my whole family is! He is the baby and the only boy, so this was a first for all of us to have someone on a mission for 2 whole years. We've missed him like crazy and cant wait for his plane to land! Sunday, I wrote one of my last letters to him as a full time missionary! We only will have to write one more, and the next time we "communicate" with him will be in person. :)  
One of our family friends is down in Bolivia doing some volunteer work, and ironically, she is in the same town as michael and is actually staying with one of their investigators! She was able to take some pictures of him and send them to us. Im so excited to see him! She said that he looks great and is an amazing missionary! We're so proud of him! Chase bet me that I'll cry at the airport, since my family can cry rather easily, but I am a tough cookie. However, I think I may loose this bet.
11 more days!


bowman family said...

I cried just looking at the pictures!!! We are going to be one sad group of sisters (and Chris) crying our eyes out at the airport:)

Lfoxy said...

isn't that crazy that emily ran into him? such a small world!

Valynn said...

I'm so excited!