Friday, June 4, 2010

memorial day weekend

I love memorial day for a few reasons! First of all, it lands on my birthday "week!" Yes, I started dedicating the whole week to me so that my husband will play with my hair (willingly) while he watches tv :), secondly my family is usually in town and we have a BBQ and then go put flowers on my brother and grandparents graves. This year, we went and saw a week old foal. A family friend of ours has horses and invited us to come see it. She was so cute, I wanted to bring her home with me.

We got to see our own little rodeo as he was trying to catch her. 

Liam loved the horses. Most of the grandkids were able to sit on the mommy horse, but brennen isnt much of a "cowboy" and this is what he did...

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LKP said...

your brother huh? i haven't heard this story.