Saturday, November 17, 2007

Long Day!

I found my wedding dress today! My mom and I drove to Spokane last night to go shopping with my sisters. It was an interesting/ tiring day. We first went to a store where my older sister had bought her dress a few years ago. The store's sign was still up and it looked like it was open, but when we got there and walked in it was a daycare center for the homeless! (Needless to say it wasnt in the best area). So we got the correct address and headed off. My sister was giving me directions, but with all the "one way" streets it made for an eventful search for the shop! We drove around downtown in circles for a while and we finally found a bridal store (but it wasnt what we were looking for!) I pulled up to a meter and we were sitting in the car looking for money when this man walked up and started asking if we had weed to sell or if we wanted to buy some... my sister was on the phone and her door was open but she was oblivious of what was going on. My mom is in the back seat yelling at her to close the door so this high homeless man would leave us alone! He finally left us alone and started walking down the street and was trying every car there to see if it was unlocked! (he apparently forgot that we were watching him, like we wouldnt call the cops if he broke into a car!) Anyways, that store ended up being under construction! (So far the search wasnt going well) To make a long day short, we went to Celestial Selections and i found a dress there! Its a 2 piece dress, the top is ruched on the bodice and the skirt is an "A" line skirt. Its really pretty! I wont get it for 12 weeks but im excited!!


The Kay Family said...

WOW!! That is a long, but very exciting, day!! I am SOOOO glad that you found a dress!! I bet it is beautiful. Thanks for keeping us updated, it is fun to follow you!!

Heather said...

Ok, so Phil and I laughed really hard at this story. Your dress sounds really nice though. Hope the wediing plans are going well.

franjam_creations said...

Congratulations! We are so excited about you and Chase. It is the most wonderful thing to find the love of your life and spend all of eternity with. We hope we can make it to the wedding. It would be nice to see family again and be around you all. Thanks to Vallyn's Christmas letter I am now a "Blogger". Merry Christmas! love,
Francys and the rest of the Tobler loonies.