Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So life has been crazy these past couple of months... hints me not posting since Jan! I decided that its been long enough, so I'll try to fill everyone in.

Chase went to Hawaii with Pasco Highs 10th Ave. Choir the beginning of April and once he got home he caught a bad cold... he was coughing and threw up a few days before we went to the temple. The day that we were going through the temple for the first time was definitely unforgettable! At the end of the session everyone was waiting in the celestial room for Chase and I to walk in. All of the sudden they see three temple workers carrying Chase into the room and he was white as a ghost and was near fainting. I was left in the other room confused and worried what was wrong... I was actually praying that Chase wouldnt throw up in the Celestial room of all places! He sat in a chair for about 15 mins until he was able to stand on his own. The next couple of days he stayed in bed while my sisters, mom and i worked on getting everything ready for our wedding.

Our wedding was amazing. We got married in the Columbia River Temple April 25th, 2008. Heres a few pictures

The day after our wedding I took Chase to Urgent Care and we found out the he had walking pneumonia. While we opened our wedding gifts, chase had to wear a mask... i'll put a picture up here soon.

Over all our wedding was amazing and definitely unforgettable!!


Hollands said...

Congrats...I'm glad that you decided to post something. Now I want to see pictures of Hawaii!!! Love ya!

Andrew and Jenna said...

You have a blog!!! Yay! Your wedding pictures look so cute, I want to see more! Is Chase all better now? Poor guy!