Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, Canada...


(this is from the park looking at the olympic lights in downtown Vancouver)

Chase and I took a quick trip to Vancouver, BC last tuesday night. Stephen Colbert, from the Colbert Report, was up there doing a couple of shows, and since chase really likes him, we decided to go. We left at 6pm and got to vancouver at midnight. We were walking around vancouver for a little bit but then headed to the park that the show was at and stood in line at 1am to catch the show. We were the 3rd and 4th ones in line and it was that way til 6am, and then there were several thousands that came. Since we were there for so long, we made friends with the security guards! 

top: Vita (#1 in line), Security guard Dan, Stefani (#2), me and Mark (#5)
below: Security guard Traci, she made sure that we got the front row since we were dedicated fans and waited for 9 hours in freezing cold weather! 

Setting up the stage at 3 am... 

All bundled up!

Front row baby!! Stephen's wife was standing right next to the gate by me, so I was talking to her for a little bit!


One of his guests was Bob Costas... he rode the fake moose that was there as a prop! It was great :)

My favorite guest that he had... 

This was a picture we took as we were driving back home, I thought it was so pretty and had chase take a picture! Our short get away was so much fun (even though I was awake for 38 hours) and if you havnt been to Vancouver, you should go! 


Jake and Bergan Hobbs said...

Wow, that looked like fun! I'm sure glad that ya'll are doing well! You're little baby boy is such a handsome little man! Ü

Deborama said...

That will be an awesome memory forever! You guys are crazy! Great pics!

Jenn Davidson said...

I LOVE THE COLBERT REPORT!! I'm sooo jealous! how fun! those pictures are awesome!