Sunday, September 12, 2010

catching up'

I forgot to blog about liams 8 and 9 month achievements so here they are for my journaling purposes. I know those that aren't related to us could probably care less what hes doing! :)

9 months
-He'll hold on to the side of our bath tub or a small table and walk along it. (im not ready for this!)
-He wants anything and everything that Im eating. Its pretty cute, if im holding him he'll open his mouth and put it next to mine hoping that i'll give him the spoon full.
-Knows where his toy box is and will grab toys out of it. He'll sometimes get to top heavy and fall into the basket, but thats kinda funny.
-Can give high fives.. well more like a low fives, but we're getting there!
-Has a fetish for pulling hair. Mommy doesn't enjoy this new found talent!
-He used to do a fake laugh that sounds like a dolphin but quit doing it a few months ago, but he's starting to do that again! I finally caught it on camera.
- Loves music. He is his fathers child! If he hears it, theres dancing and banging on the drums.

8 months
-Pulls himself up on everything
-Says "baba" and "dada." What about mama, son?
-Waves hi, or has impeccable timing :)
-He smacks his lips when hes eating baby food.
-When he's in his bouncer he will lay his head on his arm and play with the spinning ball. Its the sweetest thing.

That's all that comes to mind right now. Its so fun to see him grow and change so fast. He has such a sweet personality and the biggest, cutest eyes I have ever seen and he's already using them to his advantage. We always say that he smiles with his eyes and they are irresistible! Daddy and I are in trouble!

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Jake, Bergan and Brinley Hobbs said...

Oh my goodness, he's growing up so fast! He's precious and I'm so happy for you. Enjoy these moments. That's what I keep getting told and I'm sure you have too. Glad that all is well.