Monday, November 8, 2010

11 months

Liam on Halloween as a snow Leopard. He wouldn't leave the hat on so this is the best I got!  

11 months. I cant believe that he'll be one this month. I'm not ready. We'll be at DISNEY WORLD(!!!!!!!) for his birthday but we're celebrating before we leave with chases family. I still have to plan a party, which i keep procrastinating with and clean my house before we leave. I feel a little overwhelmed thinking of everything that needs to get done.

Highlights of my little man:
*he is fully walking now. He gets so excited that he'll try to run (but we're thankfully not to that point yet)
*Says "mama" "bam-pa" "uh oh" trys to say puppy but it comes out "pay"
*Loves Mickeys playhouse. He sits in his high chair and can watch it forever!
*I think hes getting his one year molars. He wont let me look or feel, but he constantly has his finger in his mouth and gagging himself. So im hoping its just teeth :)
*Still only has 1 tooth
*is fascinated with feet
*loves "this little piggy" song
*favorite foods- goldfish, pasta and grilled cheese sandwich.


Jaynee said...

only one tooth!! I am surprised he can eat so many different foods with just one tooth! impressive!

bowman family said...

Seems like forever since we saw him last. See you guys on Saturday!

Valynn said...

He is growing up so fast and we haven't seen him for a while! I can't wait to see him walking this weekend. :)

Andrew and Jenna said...

I can't believe he is walking! Crazy! He is such a cute little boy. Hard to believe both of our babies are almost one!