Tuesday, November 2, 2010

service isnt always easy!

Wow, am I glad this weekend is over! I dont feel like Ive had any quiet time. Friday was supposed to be a fun relaxing day of taking family pictures for a friend of ours, finishing mine and chases costumes and our wards halloween party! But, no.  It ended up being the exact opposite of relaxing! 

Taking pictures was fun and I had a blast, but as I was driving home I saw two small dogs running across 4 lanes of traffic on a busy road. Being the animal lover that I am, I decided to stop and see if the dogs had collars on. So I pulled into the parking lot that they were in and called for them and they came running to me and even jumped in my car! Obviously not shy at all. Neither had collars, so I decided to call Chase to see what I should do. I didnt have the heart to leave them running around and having them get even more lost. I asked chase if I should take them to our house until I find the owners. Having to beg to him to let me buy our own puppy, Chase wasn't to thrilled on my suggestion but told me "babe, do what you think is right." Crap, I knew I was in for it.

Since the dogs were already in my car I figured I could at least take them to a near by animal shop to get scanned for microchips. Surely they've got to have them! As I was driving I got a call from Chase asking what I did with the dogs. "well, Im driving down the road and the dogs are sitting on my lap:)" I get the dogs scanned... nothing. Great, now Im stuck with two dogs and I have no way of knowing who they belong to. So I took the dogs back to my house and put them in a pen that we have in our yard. I put boards around the areas that they could squeeze through and it was perfectly set up.

I told Chase to keep an eye on the dogs while I went to put up signs around the neighbor and pick Liam up from my mom. I must have only been gone for 45 mins and as I pulled closer to my house I see the pen is empty. I slowly start to panic, but was hopeful that chase was with them somewhere else. Nope, no chase, no dogs! I knocked on chases studio and kinda freaking out asked, "Where are the dogs?" Chase thinking I was kidding said "Funny," as he was looking at the cage his eyes were getting bigger. haha. I went to the cage and the dumb dogs dug a hole under my pen and were gone! Great. I took liam and walked around out neighborhood for a little while probably looking like a crazy lady yelling for these dogs. I called my sister freaking out and she thought it was funny that I lost the dogs and that they were even more lost now that they've been driving around in a car for a while. Not at all helpful for my guilt of losing them :)

After an hour passed I figured that the dogs were gone and since I just put signs up I didnt want some calling and my response being "well, I kinda lost them," so I went and took the signs down. Once I got home I put liam down for a nap and walked into my bathroom. There was a car slowing driving next to our fence and looking out the window were two dogs. Yep. Thats right, I just got back from taking signs down for dogs that were once lost that I found and were lost again. It was an older lady that randomly pulled into our drive way to see if they were our dogs. I told her my story, so she gave me back the dogs. I was kinda hoping she'd offer to take them until I found the owner. So since these dogs are escape artists I figured that i cant leave them outside and the only other place to put them was in our first bathroom. So, in they went. I really did not want to keep the dogs over night so I went back and put up the signs again! I was thinking i'd get a call from the owners earlier in the day once they noticed they were missing two dogs. Finally at 10:30 i got a call from the owners and they came to get them! So much for my relaxing day of halloween costumes and party!
Here are they are... 
They were very sweet, but im so glad they're gone!


Jaynee said...

haha! Wow, that sounds stressful.... I'm glad you found their owners in the end! miss you guys... we need to play some games and music

Casey and Jessie said...

That is crazy...I guess we should've been a little slower! Glad you finally got rid of them! Crazy dogs!