Saturday, January 15, 2011

Disney World!

Im a little late on posting these, but better late then never I guess!

Before Mike left on his mission (over 2 years ago) we told the grand kids that when he got home we're taking a trip to DISNEY WORLD! So over thanksgiving my parents were so gracious and took the whole family, a whopping 23 of us, to Florida! We were there for 10 days and went to all the Disney, Sea World, Epcot and the Universal parks! There was never a dull moment, or a quiet one! 

I love getting together with my family, especially at disney world when all the adults are more excited then the kids. I have an overload of pictures so here we go! Enjoy!

Day 1: Medieval Times

I absolutely love medieval times! We've been there before and I was very excited to go. For those who haven't been, it is a sit down dinner and a Knights show. You don't get utensils and they give you what seem to be half a chicken. It is the best food, their tomato basil soup is to die for. My mom stayed at the condo and watch the three youngest so the rest of us could enjoy the show. Thank you so much mom, but we missed you! My adorable niece Emily loved playing under the kitchen sink. Liam joined her but I didn't get a good picture of him.

(i cant get the pictures to lay side by side, so sorry for the long line)

During the show they had these amazing horses do tricks. Since I was a young girl I've always loved horses, so I was pretty excited about them. 

"Blue & White, Blue & White, Fight Fight Fight"

When a knight wins a fight they get to throw out flowers. I got one the last time we went so I was determined to get one again! So I stood up and blew a kiss to him and it worked :) Chase was proud.

Valynn, Cecily and I with our flowers

These Knights are actually for sale. I don't know about you, but I would not pay $3000+ for one of these to sit in my home.
(sorry kk, your picture came out blurry)
Mason Brennen and Kim
Mikes a little excited too!

We had a great night, but blue & white lost. The previous times we were there our knight won, so I was sad our streak was ruined. Guess I just have to go again! :)


bowman family said...

I miss Florida!!!

Matt and Crystal said...

I keep hearing people talk about Disney World on the radio and I miss it so much!

Matt and Crystal said...

p.s. I was there too...thanks for not documenting it :)

Chase and Elise said...

sorry crystal, i didnt have a picture of you two!

Andrew and Jenna said...

I'm extremely jealous of your trip! We're hoping to make it to Disneyland this summer, so hopefully that will work out! And no worries about the double comment, I only approved one of them so they both didn't get posted :)