Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have LOTS to be excited about.

First off- Summer is actually here! We went swimming for the first time this year- no pictures, but its ok cause liam wasnt having it at all. He's been sick the past couple of days and I dont think he was feeling up to swimming, poor guy.

Second- I finally have my new computer! I now dont have to wait for Chase to load pictures onto his and then transfer them to my computer! Now I just have to wait for him to teach me how to load them onto mine, so sorry no pics yet. But I have lots of pictures just waiting to be loaded!

Third- In January, my friend started building me a built in bookcase in our basement and that is now finished!

and Fourth- We finally started redoing our backyard!! Pulling out stumps, cutting down trees and next is laying new sprinklers! I cant wait til we have a lawn rather then goat heads and stickers to play on. It'll take a while to get the finished product, but we started and thats all that matters :) We are going to be fencing in our property (which is an acre) and I can not believe how expensive fencing is. We dont have time to build a fence for that big of an area so we need to buy the pre-built sections which is a pretty penny. So we'll have a fence finished in, oh i dont know, 7 years :)

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