Thursday, June 5, 2008

a little update

Its been a little while since I last posted so here's an update...

Chase and I have been house sitting for his voice teacher and she has 3 indoor cats. I'm not a big fan of cats, especially indoor ones. I started to get sick and didn't know if it were allergies so we decided to come back to my parents for the nights to see how I did. We were at my parents for a few days and I wasn't getting better, so we went to the doctors and found out that I had bronchitis... again! So this past week Ive been laying around the house, and haven't had anything too exciting happen.

Chase has been working hard on our house and the basement will be done in hopefully a week! Once the carpet is in we'll be living in the basement until the upstairs is finished!! YAY! :)

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Andrew and Jenna said...

That stinks that you're sick AGAIN! You and Chase have probably been sick for more of your marriage than you've been healthy... no fun! How exciting that your house is getting closer to being done though! You'll have to get some pictures up as soon as it is. I hope you get feeling better!