Monday, July 7, 2008

Sending Mike off on his misson!

Mike entered the MTC on June 25th. It was a happy-sad-emotionally draining day for my family! I made the mistake of wanting to go down with my parents to take him in! When we dropped him off at the church we all went into the chapel for a meeting before all the missionaries left. The opening song was "Called to Serve" and my sister and I lost it, and from then on it wasn't pretty! I felt like we were the only ones crying so early into the program! But it was good to see him so excited to start his mission! We'll miss him like crazy but time will fly by... hopefully :)

Before Mike got set apart as a missonary

Getting his name tag

Elder Wilson

Elder Tobler (cousin) & Elder Wilson

Last wave goodbye!

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Hollands said...

I'm so glad that you posted some pictures of Hawaii...I'm so excited to go!

Have a great day!!!