Thursday, August 14, 2008

Passing time

(Sorry my computer doesnt want to post it correctly- ill try to fix it later)!

This is how it works: for each question look up the answer on Google image search. Choose your favorite picture from the first page only.

My age.

Favorite Color. PINK!

Fav Vacation. Kauai,HI

Where I live. Pasco, WA

My dream Vaca- Bora Bora, and Im staying here!

I just love this pic so I wanted to post it too!

Fav Food- Chicken Pillows! yummy

Fav Dessert. Better then sex cake

Fav Animal. Zebra
zebra pictures
Past love- I loved playing with my little ponys

Who im named after- My mom just liked the name but she got the
spelling from the song Fur Elise

Bad Habit. Doodling

What im doing- Watching the Olympics!


bowman family said...

That's a cool idea. There were a few I didn't know about you! How's the house coming? Need any help?

Athena said...

We totally both want to go to bora bora and stay in the same place. maybe we can go at the same time! That would be fun. But we'll have to wait till I'm rich and married, hopefully those will happen. hehe. How's married life going?

Andrew and Jenna said...

Woo hoo for tags... I just tagged you again on my blog :)