Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine!

My sexy Valentine! 

I sadly don't get to spend valentines day with him because he is doing a show in LA tonight! So i get to spend my valentines day with.....

My puppy! 
Its going to be such a romantic night :) haha
Chase did call me today and said that he was going to hide a present for me before he left, but he was busy trying to leave and he forgot it in his car, and he has the keys!! Although I didn't get me present yet, it reminds me of what a great husband he is! He is so sweet and does so many things to show me he loves me!   

Hope everyone has a great Valentines day!


bowman family said...

poor EE! Hope your hubby comes home soon. At least your puppy is cute:)

Matt said...
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Crystal said...

Its okay, Matt took a work call in the middle of dinner so that it the romance ended pretty fast...we spent the rest of the night stuffing invitations. whoop!

Bergan and Jake said...

You and your hubby are so cute. Oh, and your adorable puppy! Is that a Shiht zu?? They are the neatest, I had one for about 10 years that looked exactly like that and she was the best! Jake promised to get me another one and I can't wait! Hope all is well!!