Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Burn baby burn!

Ive recently bought these two workout dvds..

Wow is all I have to say!
It may be because I haven't worked out for months, or that Im more out of shape then I thought I was, but within 15 mins of doing the yoga video, Im ashamed to say that I was working up a sweat! It is one of my new years resolutions to work out on a daily basis in some way and Im very proud to say that I worked out to both of these videos for 90 mins! Although I may be sore, there is no better feeling then to know that your getting into shape! I would post some before and after pictures, but this is a PG blog site :) 


Valynn said...

Good for you! You will have to show off your abs of steel and booty when we see you next week! :)

Bergan and Jake said...

That's awesome! I need to get my butt in gear too! There is nothing better than yoga, I think I might need to go pick these up. :)