Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Averett

The day has finally come! Crystal and Matt are married :) Heres a few pictures of the wedding and reception in utah!

Walking out of the temple

The happy couple

"The dress"
"The cake"

Matt was a gentleman with the cake...

She may look innocent...

But she wasn't!

Then he got her back :) It was pretty entertaining to watch. My sisters and I were joking with Crystal and telling her, "if grandma was here and saw that, she'd write you out of her will." haha.  

Congrats you two! We love you!


dklybbert said...

YAY! I had no idea Crystal was getting married. Her dress is so beautiful, I love it.

Tobler Bunch said...

Your twin is married! I can't believe that you girls are married! I am so glad you all went and shared that special day with her. We are sad to not have been able to go!