Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 posts in 1.

A Minute to Win it New Years Eve!

My good friend Jessie and I love minute to win it! I would do anything to be on that show! We had some other couples over to play games with us and we had so much fun, probably Jess and I more so then others :) We played a lot of other games but these are the only pictures I had.

Face the Cookie! This was one of my favorites, but it was hilarious watching everyone move the cookie to their mouth. 


I'm not sure why, but the kids loved Chases boots and thought it was so funny to just stand in them. I should have put Liam in but didn't think about that til now :)

 Chase is going to kill me for putting these up, but he doesn't read this so he wont find out. Hopefully. When he gets into games, he become aggressively competitive... kinda scary :) He was bouncing ALL over the place and swinging his body as hard as he could. (side note: we played a game once where a person stands in the middle of a circle with a newspaper and everyone in the circle takes turns at saying a name of someone else in the circle, and if your name is called you want to say another name fast before the person in the middle trys to hit you before they say a name. If that made sense at all :) well chase was in the middle holding the newspaper and when he tried to hit someone I serious thought he was going to break something in the room he would fly across it so fast). 

Casey put bigger ping pong balls in my box to make me work even harder at getting them out. I was wondering why it was taking so long for some to bounce out :)

A great way to start the New Years off right....

New Years day Liam cut his eye brow/ lid open on a metal bed frame and we had to take a trip to the ER to get it glued shut. Not a great sign for how my year will go with this boy! I see several er trips in my future!


As of today Liam now has 6 teeth but when his top teeth were coming through they came in a weird way. Most babies get their front teeth first. Well not mine, he got his fangs first. Well they looked like his fangs but they are the ones next to the fronts. I tried to capture them on camera, but he wasn't cooperating too well so this is the best I got. My mom said that Heavenly Father knew that if he gave Liam his fronts first that he would probably knock them out with all the falling he was doing. Which is so true.


Casey and Jessie said...

Those are cute! You got some fun pictures! Good times!

Jaynee said...

LOL! Chase really IS scary when we play the magazine/name game....
And btw, Naomi also got her "fangs" first :) I think it's pretty darn cute myself. Sort of sad that their teeth don't meet up though--there isn't anything they can do with them! Funny that you mention how he would have knocked them out if he got is front ones first.... Naomi almost knocked hers out when she got older--fortunately it was just a chipped tooth, no further damage. but HF must have known Naomi would knock hers out too!